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Bengaluru today is obviously one of the most sought after cities in the country what with the rapid growth in the IT industry and the rise in the number of job opportunities in the city. With the rising population in the city there is also a corresponding increase in the number of vehicles in the city and a huge increase in the demand on land.

What adds to the traffic pressure in Bengaluru in particular is that there is very little scope for expansion of roads and the need to use existing roads for smooth movement of vehicles is even more pronounced. It thus becomes mandatory for the administration to ensure better parking facilities. So far, the government and the BBMP have not taken this issue seriously and now the situation is such that it needs to be addressed seriously and effectively.

Rapid population growth because of IT and other associated industries in Bengaluru led to an increase in the vehicular population to about 1.5 million, with an annual growth rate of 7-10%

With the increase in population and the expansion of the city, the problem of connectivity of the populace has arisen. Quite obviously personalized modes of transport have grown at a tremendous rate and two wheelers along with the cars almost comprise 90% of the total registered vehicular population in the city.

Two wheelers constitute more than 70% of the total volume, while cars comprise 15%, autos 4% and the remaining 8% includes other vehicles such as buses, vans and tempos.

Impact of growth on Traffic
Sl.No Year No.of Cases Registered Total Fine Amount (Rs.in crores)
1 2007 1444098 19.91
2 2008 2079071 29.51
3 2009 2640286 36.61
4 2010 3333112 47.55
5 2011 3475474 50.56
6 2012 5204800 53.85
7 2013 5433516 56.98
8 2014 7436336 65.92
9 2015 7626671 70.44
10 2016 9180438 66.97
11 2017 10193274 112.38
12 2018(FEB) 1288307 17.68

• Travel speed has dropped to 15 kmph during the peak hours
• Insufficient or no parking spaces for vehicles
• Public transport vehicles vying for road space with private modes

Year Bus fleet size (Nos)
1997 1921
2017 6450
Vehicle Population in Bengaluru City (As on July,2017)
Two Wheelers LMV A/R H.T.V H.G.v Others Total
4869225 1358419 221325 81970 108020 389108 7028067
Vehicle Population in Bangalore City (As on July,2017)