Bengaluru Traffic Police

BTRAC- Strategy

The objectives of BTRAC would be two fold:

BTRAC - Strategy :-

(a)Set up nearly 440 signals

(b)Signals to be vehicle actuated, networked, adaptive and controlled/monitored by the Traffic Management Center (Area Traffic Control)

(c)Install 400 cameras and 20 VMS

(d)Set up state of the art Traffic Management Center (TMC)

(e)Traffic Enforcement Cameras

(f)Centrally Automated Traffic Enforcement Systems

(g)Traffic Police Mobility, Process, Communication, Modernisation

(h)Capacity building - development of modern Traffic Training Institute

Expected Benefits :-

(a)Traffic congestion will be reduced by 30% in the Central Area of Bengaluru City

(b)Accidents will be reduced by 30% in the city of Bengaluru

(c)There will be significant reduction in pollution

(d)Substantial compliance of Traffic laws and rules will be achieved

(e)Effective trauma care system will be set up

(f)Co-ordinated traffic management will be achieved

(g)Level of traffic and road safety awareness will be enhanced and

(g)State of the art traffic policing and regulation will lead to substantial compliance