Bengaluru Traffic Police

Traffic Management Committees

Local Traffic Management Committees are aimed at more public participation in solving the problems pertaining to ensuring safe and smooth flow of traffic in Bengaluru City thus reducing the number of fatal and non-fatal accidents.

These committees include:

(a) Local Traffic PIs

(b)Traffic Wardens staying in the area

(c)Retired or serving Police Officer staying in the area

(d)Retired or serving Govt. Servant staying in the area

(e)Corporator of the area

(f)At least 10 shop-keepers of the area

(g)Any Traffic Engineer or person useful for traffic improvement and traffic management in the area

The Committee members will meet frequently, go round their area, identify the traffic problems, discuss among themselves and find out the solution. The Committee members will alone implement the solutions with the help of local citizens of the area. These committees will also find out ways and means to erect necessary sign-boards, blinkers, footpath railings, centre medians and also take up traffic and road safety education measures. The committee must choose at least one area/road to be developed as model area/road from traffic management point of view. The Committee can also take up bigger issues of their respective area with Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BMP), Karnataka Power Transmission Corp.. Ltd. (KPTCL), Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewage Board etc. (BWSSB). The Committees can also come up with innovative schemes for ensuring safe and smooth flow of traffic in their area.